Video for Publishers

Vidian makes creating videos for your audience easy. Start producing branded high quality video to increase your video ad revenue and keep readers online longer in minutes.

Engage your audience with short highly shareable videos and publish natively everywhere. Produce monetizable videos at scale easily and fast with your own content.


Keep users on your site longer with high quality branded videos with tailored templates. We help publishers create personalized experiences and maximize monetization with video.

Easy Implementation

Get started creating videos in minutes using our intuitive API. Our API enable any publisher to take advantage of personalized, automated video creation.

Maximize your revenue with higher CPMs on video ads

Video advertising on average it is more than 10 times what a site gets for a print-display CPM. And according to a new report from Cisco, by 2019, online video will be responsible for four-fifths of global Internet traffic“.

Video ads growing faster than banner ads

Video Advertisment
Source: eMarketer U.S. Ad Spending Estimates. “State of the News Media 2016”

Turn your existing content into professional branded videos

We can help you engage your audience with relevant and personalized video content ready to publish natively everywhere in minutes (Web, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and more).

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