Facebook and comScore Expand Partnership for Improved Campaign Measurement

Comscore is expanding their relationship with Facebook to offer to their clients comprehensive reporting of desktop and mobile campaigns. In September, Comscore launched video viewability and engagement for ads on Facebook and Instagram. Today, is expanding this reporting to display viewability for Facebook and video viewability for external publishers via the Facebook Audience Network. In… Continue reading Facebook and comScore Expand Partnership for Improved Campaign Measurement

Facebook is testing real-time ads for live videos

Facebook investing in resources into making Facebook Live catch on, even running outdoor ads for the service to teach people how and when to use it. At the moment, brands and publishers are promoting their Facebook Live content through sponsored posts prior to the broadcast or once the live video has ended.

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5 datos de vídeo en Facebook para 2016

El año pasado vio un crecimiento excepcional de vídeo en Facebook, y la trayectoria de consumo de vídeo en Facebook es innegable. Facebook va a trabajar muy duro en 2016 para forjar esta visión, especialmente en areas como vídeo en directo y realidad virtual. A continuación tenéis cinco estadísticas que muestran la importancia del vídeo… Continue reading 5 datos de vídeo en Facebook para 2016

85% of Facebook video is watched without sound but it works fine

As much as 85 percent of video views for some publishers on Facebook happen with the sound off — the result of embracing the unique features of the platform, which prioritizes silent videos with striking visuals and text. The intent is to make it easy for people to consume the information presented in the videos… Continue reading 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound but it works fine

AJ+ generated 2.2 billion Facebook video views last year

Al Jazeera’s digital-only offshoot was born in a world where platforms rule. The site, launched in late 2014, has made the distributed content core to its strategy, trading the homepage for presences on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Video Marketing Statistics

By 2019 it is predicted that as much as 80% of consumer internet traffic will be devoted to watching video.The rapid growth of video consumption has been one of the defining trends of the internet over the past several years.

Google said to be exploring an ‘acceptable’ ads policy

Google is reportedly jumping deeper into the ad blocking issue by exploring an acceptable ads policy, publisher and industry sources say. Google is heavily invested in keeping the web safe for advertising; the vast majority of Google’s business runs on advertising, and it reportedly pays large sums to make sure ads get around the ad… Continue reading Google said to be exploring an ‘acceptable’ ads policy

Facebook is teaming with DigitasLBi to create a live morning show

The ad agency unveiled a program called Rise and Shine, a livestreamed morning “Feed show” on Facebook that will include local weather, exercise workouts, recipes and more. The sponsored shows will air three to five times a week and appear on a brand’s Facebook page, in the news feed as well as in Facebook Messenger.

YouTube will now let brands automatically buy ads on its hottest viral videos

YouTube wants to give its advertisers easier access to “The Next Big Thing.” The Google-owned video-sharing site just launched a new ad product called Google Preferred Breakout Videos that lets brands automatically place their content alongside what CEO Susan Wojcicki described as the site’s “Fastest rising, hottest videos.“

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Vertical video is becoming more popular

As mobile consumption continues to grow, news outlets – especially those publishing on Snapchat Discover and Facebook Video – are turning to vertical video, a format that was once widely derided, to optimize their content for viewing on phones.

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