More Brands Uploading Video Directly To Facebook Vs. Posting YouTube Videos On Facebook Pages

Social media analytics company SocialBakers is throwing more fuel on the fire that is the Facebook video versus YouTube video showdown.

Two months after forecasting the number of videos uploaded directly to Facebook would exceed the number of YouTube videos, SocialBakers says its prediction has come to pass.

For the first time ever, content creators are now posting more native Facebook videos than YouTube videos on their pages.

As of November, the social media analytics company reports the number of Facebook pages posting Facebook videos surpassed the number of pages posting YouTube videos. According to its findings, natively uploaded videos on Facebook are winning nearly an 80 percent share of all video interactions happening on the social media site.


Some may argue that Facebook’s autoplay feature – enabling videos to play automatically as users scroll through their feed – doesn’t reflect true video engagement, and that the Facebook’s autoplay skews the data when comparing Facebook video views to YouTube.


But based on SocialBaker’s data, the fact that content creators are bypassing YouTube to upload video content directly to Facebook is an undeniable indicator that YouTube is losing ground in the battle for video market share.

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